While there might be time to squeeze in one or two more weekend road trips this summer, it’s that time of year when we need to stop singing “school’s out” and start singing “school’s in.” Let’s ready ourselves into school year by refreshing on a few back-to-school driving safety tips.

Look Out for School Zones

The spontaneous nature of children can be a joy, but it’s a hazard when it comes to road safety. Always pay attention to sidewalks and be on the look-out for school zones. Kids will be darting all around the school area, especially at the beginning of the year when they’re excited to see friends again. Always adhere to the posted speed limit.

Note Increased Foot and Bike Traffic

Many kids walk or bike to school. Be aware that there will be increased non-vehicular traffic, especially in residential areas and areas near schools. There will also be school buses making their rounds, so heed their stop signals.

Dropping Off the Kids

Never drop off children across the street from the school. Don’t double-park, as this reduces visibility for yourself and other drivers. Try to carpool with neighbors or friends to reduce the number of cars coming and going from the school zone.

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